Hello there ! :-)

10 Feb


Yesterday my cat lost one of her baby teeth 🙂 She is so sweet♥ , I have to post some pics from here 🙂 (and from my rabbits  of course 😉 )

I really like listening to BRUNO MARS 🙂 And guess what – he comes from HAWAII ! :-O    😀  cool , or what ?

Countdown running 4 VALENTINE s DAY - the SWEETEST DAY of the YEAR ! 🙂 Remember the movie ?

PLUS – countdown running for the OSCAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG 😀 Who will recieve one ? What will everyone wear on the red carpet in L.A?              These are the questions that will be solved on 27th of feb. .. very exciting…:-)

AND I still havent got an idea for my canvas …… 🙂 Where are all my creative ideas?!GONE ?! 😀  But I have time 🙂

Mehmeh I wanted something to say and know I forgot. 😦 Ohhh think Katy,think 😀

Whatever 😀

I`m playing Adam Lambert – Whataya want from me and KATY PERRY – CALIFORNIA GURLS♥I`ll take a video and post it 😀 😀


I`m so tired I`m gonna watch some movies now 🙂


Adieu , see uu 2morrow 🙂


Katy  ♥♥♥



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