Oh my Valentine why did you go ? :-)

15 Feb

Namaste 🙂

So how was ur valentine day ? Did you had a supercute oufit or what ? 😀

Well mine Valentines day was nothing special , because first as I already said I written a math test

and second I was sick.wow.-.- .But it wasnt as terrible as it sounds,we went to friends later and I had fun there.

BUT Idont know if uu heard that BARBIE and KEN are togethere again ♥ Remember my post , called Barbie and Ken where I said uu have to vote on www.barbieandkencom ? Well,the dolls happy end is here and its FAB! 🙂 go on the site to download the ken song + see the video how they came together ♥ A dolls life can can be SO sweet – LOL 😀

Now I have to do some Science stuff 🙂 but its not boring 😀

Okay see you later-or tomorrow I got 2 tell ya something and need ur help!


Katy 🙂


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