Costume for party wanted ….

16 Feb

Hey Ho ,

this is UUR fashionblog – woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-hooooooooooo 😀


Yeah  are uu reading Lolas blog already ?  If not , do it ——>               By the way , theres a new post from Lola 🙂

And another cool blog is

AND I NEED a costume 4 a party .


My question IS —- CHEERLEADER or COWGIRL ???(or something completely different)

If I would go as a cheerleader I would buy :

Reminds me of  american football with this big number 🙂 its from H&M and you can buy it in town or on under DIVIDED ..

So this would be for my cheerleader-outfit. But in a shop in city I saw some coooooool boots , had maybe 7cm heels and they were on sale so REALLY cheap 😀 I saw them a few weeks ago with a friends and we were just kidding but I had to buy them,…whatever….:-D 😀

Okay SO what do uu thing ? VOTE ! 😀




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