Hello world ! ♥♥

7 Mar

Aloha guys and fashionistas all over the world 😀 ! We have holidays for almost a week and guess who`s sick ? Yep.me.But Saturday I was shopping (and on that costume party as an cheerleader 🙂 ) and  I have to show yoou some (black)corck wedges which are absolutely cute from H&M 🙂 ♥ ( I twittered em on twitter 😉 )

Yesterday I was on a fleamarket and I found a sweet dress . It was polkadotted ( black dress with white dots ) and big white buttons . It looked like from the 50s or so . I really wanted to buy it but it wasnt my size.It was TO big 😦  But guess what I bought ?  OLD records  – SO retro ! 🙂 Now I need a record player….:-) 🙂 But they are so cool maybe I`m gonna show u a few of em 😉

I want to show you my kitty♥

Kit Cat ;-)

Kit Cat 😉

Tee-hee dont you think she`s sweet? 🙂

Greetings from Katy xoxo


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