Just DO it !

8 Mar

Namaste !

Wasnt that the name of a nike campaign – just do it ? 😀 However , but this heading fits to my post very  good. Because I`m gonna do it.I`m gonna follow my dreams.One of my dreams (actually I have 2 big dreams – a hollywood career as an actress and a fashion career 😉 ) I`ll make my own fashion with a sewing machine 🙂 I always wanted to make my own fashion but now the moment is here.My school will have a ball (in may ) and I need a dress. I looked everywhere at the internet but its so……..ordinary! I  want something SPECIAL ( I only know which shoes I want – Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon of course 😉 ) I mean all those dresses are beautiful ( most of em 😉 ) but they look all the same. I want an extraordinary dress and I`m gonna make it ! 😀

For fashion obsessed girls there is a book (from the TEENVOGUE) and in there are lot of tips for a fashion career and so on. I`m gonna buy it , will you ?

Its called the Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insiders Guide to  Careers  in the Fashion Industry  . You can buy it on amazon.


you can buy this book on



I hope I can sew a dress 😀 But the ball is in 2 months….is that enough time?I hope so….:-) Okay I will start NOW to make some sketches I have  lots of ideas!!


See you soon on your fashion blog with the passion for FASHION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And dont forget to tell your friends to join in this little fashionworld!




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