Never say never ….

14 Apr

Howday fashionistas!

Okay so I`m not THAT Justin Bieber fan (actually I`m not) but this quotation really fits into my post 🙂

So DONT laugh buuuuut I want to be a … …. DRUMMER! 😀 dont laugh dont laugh !!! 😀 I always wanted to play the drums and today in school I did it and I`m gonna buy drums and will play with my friends in a band! 😀 😀

But I dont know…what style do drummer-girls wear???Somethin like a lil rock chic?That would be sweet :-))))

So here are some styling ideas for all drummer girls and everyone that wants to be a drummer girl ;-))

what about those shoes ?

H&M –

a ring 🙂

now we already had black boots and a black ring , but those golden/silver earrings are COOL , too

okay so you know that I LOVE cute things and my drummer -girl- rock-chick-outfit needs a cute touch! But I warn u : It doesnt fits with the golden earrings 😉

A black jumpsuit would be perfect, too !

Do you like my ideas ? 🙂 What are your ideas for a drummer girl style 😀 ? Do you have dreams ? If yes, I`m tellin u NEVER SAY NEVER!


Katy xo


One Response to “Never say never ….”

  1. Rosa May 1, 2011 at 12:45 pm #

    love theses wedge shoes !

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