Welcome back :-))))

13 Jul

Aloha! As you may readd on twitter, my TOMS shoes obsession is growin and growin …. 😉 I don’t own TOMS shoes yet, but I really have to ! 😀 Yesterday I was with a friend in a Theme park and a girl hat such cute TOMS shoes …they were black and had glitter 🙂 So I’m gonna show you my fave TOMS shoes and PLEASE COMMENT and tell you’re  friends to read and COMMENT…thanks! 😉



I’m pretty sure that those were the girls shoes  😀   you can find those shoes HERE :   http://www.toms.com/womens/glitters/black-glitters-shoes



oh..so those are very tiny 😀 but you can find those shoes ( and hopefuly a little bit bigger :-D)  HERE  : http://www.toms.com/womens/classics/petal-grosgrain-women-s-classics    …ADORABLE!

So would you please comment and tell your friends to visit me? thank youuu 🙂



Ladies and Gentlemen….I’m very pleased to announce a NEW category on http://www.alohakaty.wordpress.com … theeeeeeeeeeeee


STAR NEWS♥  woo-hoo … do you like them?! COMMENT! (wherever you like  😉 )


Stay tuned, fashionistas so we can become STYLE ICONS!!!


Katy xxx


One Response to “Welcome back :-))))”

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