Back again! xtra long pppppooooosssssst

1 Aug

Hola! I’m back! 🙂 Soooooooo you can read the latest INs and OUTs and HOT or NOTs on 🙂 🙂 welcome, welcome!


Whoa I bought my first hard rock cafe shirt… here’s a link to the shop which shows you which shirt I got


Do you like it? 😀 COOOOOOOMMENT!!!! 🙂



Ready for summers INs and OUTs?? 🙂


Absolutely HOT !

–> Big . Bigger . CLUTCH! Giant clutchs are totaly IN! I saw the a few times in GLAMOUR magazine and the look absolutely great.


Mischa Barton Vintage Clutch

Mischa Barton Vintage Clutch

You can get it on asos …    :




Gosh. Last time I was at hollister I lost my ICE WATCH…awwww damn.  But I really like this Dolce and Gabbana watch 🙂 :



HOT or NOT? cooooomment don’t be so shy 🙂


As you may heard Amy Winehouse is dead…I was so shocked and I think it’s such a tragedy that that poor young woman died… I really liked her voice. My favourite song was “My tears dry on their own ” … R.I.P Amy 😦




So I guess that was everything for today! Next time I’ll talk about something cool I discovered in TEEN VOGUE and some other cool stuff! So stay tuned, my next interesting post will come soon 😉









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