“Lilli Pulitzer”♥ a brand I discovered and CHANEL fragrance which I looove♥

2 Aug

One post a day keeps the boreness away! Isn’t it so? 😀 ♥ So WELCOME BACK to http://www.alohakaty.wordpress.com

As I promised in my last post one of my topics today will be something cool I discovered in  TEEN VOGUE.  Okay so 4 the guys that own the TEEN VOGUE from June/July , may open page 119- the shopping spree summer special!

Ok so all those things are lovely, but this BIKE!♥ Isnt it GREAT! SOooooo cute! It’s from Lilly Pulitzer and I have to say that Lilly Pulitzer is def my style! So cute sweet little colorfulled things♥

click to see that bike on http://www.lillypulitzer.com !  http://www.lillypulitzer.com/view-all/printed-cruiser/invt/999845/

What I else wanted to say what I really really like and NEED to have is Chanels fragrance “Chanel Chance” . It smells like roses and it’s so wonderful♥ I like it, because it’s like Chanel Mademoiselle something fresh for younger ladies 😉 (there are three colors – pink, green and yellow. I was talking about the pink one because I smelled it, can’t talk about the other ones because I’ve never tried them but I’m sure they’re great, too 🙂 )

    I love this picture! She looks like fairy, doesn’t she ? But the other colors have cool pics, too!

( this picture is from http://files.edelight.de/img/posts/228x228_chanel-chance-eau-tendre-von-mupfl.jpg )

Everything for now! Next time you can read a cool post about havaianas!

Katy xx


2 Responses to ““Lilli Pulitzer”♥ a brand I discovered and CHANEL fragrance which I looove♥”

  1. gossipgal August 5, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    hey katy,
    in my glamour was a sample of this perfume and i love it to, but do u know miss dior cherie? it smells as good…

    love, gossipgurl

  2. alohakaty August 7, 2011 at 4:14 pm #

    yea h I know its so cool too 🙂

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