Oh sporty day♥

27 Aug

Aloha! Welcome back!

Finaly I bought some pink adidas originals pants ! Sooo glad 😀 Pictures are coming soon ! Aaaaand I’ll have to upload my Paris pictures (may) I

promised. But I think I’ll do a “Paris special” becauuuuse : Next week I’m going again to Paris♥! SO GLAD!

Aaaaaaaaaand : Finaly finaly finaly 😀 my TOMS (black with glitter) arrived ! YAAAY 🙂

Ok so that were the latest news 😉

Music I LOOOVE :

I really really like Lenny Kravitz’s new album ♥ It’s called “Black and white America” and I ♥ the song “Stand” but I can’t wait to buy the album so I can hear alle those other wonderful songs all day long! The cover is also totaly sweet 😉

(This picture is from http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/newreleases/release.aspx?releaseID=473   )

What do YOU think?

I need new accesoires for my bed room and I must say that TEEN VOGUE (available at macys.com) and PB TEEN has some cool stuff !


Do you know the site  www.weheartit.com ? Well I ♥  it ! 😉 It’s a cool site, where mebers can upload pictures they made and they are always beautiful, crazy , cute or funny 🙂 But always simply A M A Z I N G ! They inspired me to make some more cool pictures and maybe (if they are cool) to upload them HERE! 😉

So that was everything 4 2day! Cooooooooomment 🙂

C’mon fashionistas all over the world stay tuned so we can become style icons 🙂

Katy XO


One Response to “Oh sporty day♥”

  1. Lielaa October 11, 2011 at 7:17 pm #

    Cute blog ! 🙂

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