2 dresses 1 ball…

15 Nov


In a few weeks there is a big ball and of course I have started searching for an outfit. And now I have one problem 2 dresses and 1 ball 😦

Don’t know which outfit to take! Help me!!! 😀


this dress is from VERO MODA ->,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_10077172_colorPattern=10077172_LATTE

this flats from ZARA would fit perfectly:

This outfit is so sweet and I can really imagine 2 dance til midnight like cinderella in it 🙂 But I’m afraid that some other gals will wear this dress

or a very similar one… it’s so typical for a ball to wear a dress like that one!


Okay so I got to say this is more like a Party outfit but I L O V E it 😉

dress from ZARA ->

those flats:

and this clutch (fits SO perfectly )  from ZARA, like the rest of the 2nd outfit ->

What do YOU think? COOOOMMENT 🙂



oriental versace goddess

12 Nov
oriental versace goddess

Versace stiletto high heels
$1,395 –
I cannot belive gals! FOUR FREAKY MONTHS WITHOUT ANY BLOG POST! Why am I such a lazy gal when it comes to blog?
Whoa, but there is so much to tell ya! Do you know Lady GaGas "You and I" ? I  ♥ it!
Some new fashion world news!
I'm sure you have heard, that there will be a VERSACE for H&M  collection, available from mid november. This pic above, was one of my
sets ( with which I've entered in the polyvore competition, but I didn't win anything :-( awwwwwwwww such a pitty!

Do you know MONSIEUR STEVE and his coooool shirts ? My friends and me ♥♥♥♥♥ his shirts and will order soon, some of them! Promise
2 check em out ! ! 

Awwww I love that SEE BY CHLOE Zip file frozen colored bag :O O O O O O 

ARGH SO angry, 2day should have been a great day,with shopping, STARBUCKS and later on in the eve CIRGUE DU SOLEIL ♥ !
But what happened? Katy is sick -.- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa

Guys, stay tuned , I started blogging again, and I know it's gonna be AWE!


Oh sporty day♥

27 Aug

Aloha! Welcome back!

Finaly I bought some pink adidas originals pants ! Sooo glad 😀 Pictures are coming soon ! Aaaaand I’ll have to upload my Paris pictures (may) I

promised. But I think I’ll do a “Paris special” becauuuuse : Next week I’m going again to Paris♥! SO GLAD!

Aaaaaaaaaand : Finaly finaly finaly 😀 my TOMS (black with glitter) arrived ! YAAAY 🙂

Ok so that were the latest news 😉

Music I LOOOVE :

I really really like Lenny Kravitz’s new album ♥ It’s called “Black and white America” and I ♥ the song “Stand” but I can’t wait to buy the album so I can hear alle those other wonderful songs all day long! The cover is also totaly sweet 😉

(This picture is from   )

What do YOU think?

I need new accesoires for my bed room and I must say that TEEN VOGUE (available at and PB TEEN has some cool stuff !


Do you know the site ? Well I ♥  it ! 😉 It’s a cool site, where mebers can upload pictures they made and they are always beautiful, crazy , cute or funny 🙂 But always simply A M A Z I N G ! They inspired me to make some more cool pictures and maybe (if they are cool) to upload them HERE! 😉

So that was everything 4 2day! Cooooooooomment 🙂

C’mon fashionistas all over the world stay tuned so we can become style icons 🙂

Katy XO

“Lilli Pulitzer”♥ a brand I discovered and CHANEL fragrance which I looove♥

2 Aug

One post a day keeps the boreness away! Isn’t it so? 😀 ♥ So WELCOME BACK to

As I promised in my last post one of my topics today will be something cool I discovered in  TEEN VOGUE.  Okay so 4 the guys that own the TEEN VOGUE from June/July , may open page 119- the shopping spree summer special!

Ok so all those things are lovely, but this BIKE!♥ Isnt it GREAT! SOooooo cute! It’s from Lilly Pulitzer and I have to say that Lilly Pulitzer is def my style! So cute sweet little colorfulled things♥

click to see that bike on !

What I else wanted to say what I really really like and NEED to have is Chanels fragrance “Chanel Chance” . It smells like roses and it’s so wonderful♥ I like it, because it’s like Chanel Mademoiselle something fresh for younger ladies 😉 (there are three colors – pink, green and yellow. I was talking about the pink one because I smelled it, can’t talk about the other ones because I’ve never tried them but I’m sure they’re great, too 🙂 )

    I love this picture! She looks like fairy, doesn’t she ? But the other colors have cool pics, too!

( this picture is from )

Everything for now! Next time you can read a cool post about havaianas!

Katy xx

Back again! xtra long pppppooooosssssst

1 Aug

Hola! I’m back! 🙂 Soooooooo you can read the latest INs and OUTs and HOT or NOTs on 🙂 🙂 welcome, welcome!


Whoa I bought my first hard rock cafe shirt… here’s a link to the shop which shows you which shirt I got


Do you like it? 😀 COOOOOOOMMENT!!!! 🙂



Ready for summers INs and OUTs?? 🙂


Absolutely HOT !

–> Big . Bigger . CLUTCH! Giant clutchs are totaly IN! I saw the a few times in GLAMOUR magazine and the look absolutely great.


Mischa Barton Vintage Clutch

Mischa Barton Vintage Clutch

You can get it on asos …    :




Gosh. Last time I was at hollister I lost my ICE WATCH…awwww damn.  But I really like this Dolce and Gabbana watch 🙂 :



HOT or NOT? cooooomment don’t be so shy 🙂


As you may heard Amy Winehouse is dead…I was so shocked and I think it’s such a tragedy that that poor young woman died… I really liked her voice. My favourite song was “My tears dry on their own ” … R.I.P Amy 😦




So I guess that was everything for today! Next time I’ll talk about something cool I discovered in TEEN VOGUE and some other cool stuff! So stay tuned, my next interesting post will come soon 😉








Festivals :-O

17 Jul


In summer there are lots of festivals, but I’ve never been to a festival 😦 Did you ever been to a music  festival in summer ? COMMENT! 

But I know what I’d wear and what you could wear, if you are planning to go to a festival with ur friends!


1st : JEANS SHORTS !!!! Maybe some DESTROYED jeans shorts♥  they absolutely ROCK …like the music 😉


3th: A TRENCHCOAT/RAINCOAT/RAIN JACKET !!!! really important, maybe the sun isn’t shinin’ all the time…

4th: A COOOOOL CAMERA TO MAKE THE BEST PICS!!!!:  I guess I don’t have to explain a lot … 🙂


Did I 4got something special? I mean I’ve never been to a festival as I said so tell me if I did something wrong ;D



Because of summer vacation I won’t post for the next two weeks or so 😀





Stay tuned after the two weeks ;D




Welcome back :-))))

13 Jul

Aloha! As you may readd on twitter, my TOMS shoes obsession is growin and growin …. 😉 I don’t own TOMS shoes yet, but I really have to ! 😀 Yesterday I was with a friend in a Theme park and a girl hat such cute TOMS shoes …they were black and had glitter 🙂 So I’m gonna show you my fave TOMS shoes and PLEASE COMMENT and tell you’re  friends to read and COMMENT…thanks! 😉



I’m pretty sure that those were the girls shoes  😀   you can find those shoes HERE :


w-petal-grossgrain-h-wedding those are very tiny 😀 but you can find those shoes ( and hopefuly a little bit bigger :-D)  HERE  :    …ADORABLE!

So would you please comment and tell your friends to visit me? thank youuu 🙂



Ladies and Gentlemen….I’m very pleased to announce a NEW category on … theeeeeeeeeeeee


STAR NEWS♥  woo-hoo … do you like them?! COMMENT! (wherever you like  😉 )


Stay tuned, fashionistas so we can become STYLE ICONS!!!


Katy xxx

hollister summer love♥

6 Jul

Hi !

I know I know EVERYBODY is wearin hollister (just to be “cool”) and that is really annoying and kinda embaressing… B U T I like the HCO clothes, because they are so colorful, and Ilike the style♥and the attitude they spread. SO : I’m gonna wear hollister wether everyone wears it or not 🙂


HCO bags

HCO bags





my♥ belongs to Hollister

What do YOU think? Do you like/love/hate/never heard of    Hollister ?   I wanna hear your opinion!!!

Soo do you all enjoy the summertime ? Wish I could go surfin…

Katy xx 

LOOOOOOOOONGest fashion post (and heading :D) you have ever seen on alohakaty :-)

16 May

Hello hello !

Guess who is back again ? Nooo not the spice girls – ME! 😀  I’ve got lots of new things and I want to show em !

flower power

flower power


my wedges from h&m… they are sweet 🙂

I’m O B S E S S E D with Ben and Jerry’s♥ … . . .u too ? ;)this one is great, u  gotta try it 🙂

my visit at accesorize 🙂  Whoa did u saw Kate s dress♥ ? It was so wonderful 🙂 I saw

in a shop some Kate&will decoration :-)))   Lodon Style#1

accessorize, too ….. earrings (tea party), bracelet and a necklace ( with a russian doll♥ ))

london style

london style

Lodon Style#2 I ‘ve worn this necklace with a I ♥ N.Y.C shirt ;-D

Navy blue converse 🙂

wedges- h&m

floral shoes – ZARA

polka dotted sandals – dont remember 😀 but I made a snatch 😉


check out the cherryblossom collection for etam ….. I’ve got this bag :

I loved how the hairdresser made my hair that day :-)♥ But I think of havin a pixie cut…it looks wonderful on emma watson…but I’m not sure – what do YOU think ? cooooomment please 🙂

Today I was in H&M and I wanted (finally) to buy some ballet flats and I hadnt much time , so I was in hurry but the cashier was SO slowly that I couldnt buy them :-((((((((( :-DDDD makin me saaaaaaad 😦 😀

Katy♥ xxx

E A S T E R H O L I D A Y S ♥

20 Apr

Hey !

So dont wonder i f I dont blog – its because of the eaaaster holidays and I dont have time for it but soon there will be

loooooong fashion posts with lots of clothes fur u  ♥  and I cant wait to show u new outfits and accesoires (after a visit at accessorize♥…)

A wish u know already happyyy easter !

But I want to show you the L A T E S T music! Lady GaGas new song JUDAS was released yesterday! Check it out and comment – what is ur opinion about

this song ???


Well I think its very  typical for Lady GaGa , but it reminds me a bit of Madonna ….

Thats everything for 2day