Never say never ….

14 Apr

Howday fashionistas!

Okay so I`m not THAT Justin Bieber fan (actually I`m not) but this quotation really fits into my post 🙂

So DONT laugh buuuuut I want to be a … …. DRUMMER! 😀 dont laugh dont laugh !!! 😀 I always wanted to play the drums and today in school I did it and I`m gonna buy drums and will play with my friends in a band! 😀 😀

But I dont know…what style do drummer-girls wear???Somethin like a lil rock chic?That would be sweet :-))))

So here are some styling ideas for all drummer girls and everyone that wants to be a drummer girl ;-))

what about those shoes ?

H&M –

a ring 🙂

now we already had black boots and a black ring , but those golden/silver earrings are COOL , too

okay so you know that I LOVE cute things and my drummer -girl- rock-chick-outfit needs a cute touch! But I warn u : It doesnt fits with the golden earrings 😉

A black jumpsuit would be perfect, too !

Do you like my ideas ? 🙂 What are your ideas for a drummer girl style 😀 ? Do you have dreams ? If yes, I`m tellin u NEVER SAY NEVER!


Katy xo


Twinkle twinkle little Katy….(?!)

12 Apr

Hello !


Hope u liked my Accesoires post 🙂


Yeah so this evening and the eve 2morrow my school has a big concert like every year but this one is special because of the anniversery of our school.

I sing in choir and will dance rumba with my friend in front of the stage while the choir is singing the last song – I hope I`ll do it right…. Our outfits are BLACK and  you can wear something black thaqt includes something gold-silver-sparkle-glitter 😀

I already made my nails :


gosh, at this pic my fingers look really fat but they arent 😀


I bought a black H&M skirt ( I wanted to buy it all the time and now I need it so that was my chance 🙂 ) Sorry I cant find it in the world wde web and I`m to lazy to make pics now 😀 Sorry:D But tonight or tomorrow I`ll make some pics of my whole outfit – PROMISE!



Already heard Adele ? I LOVE her voice and her song “Rolling in the deep” , I learned it to play it on the piano. She is amazing….


if not, check it out in youtube :


Katy 🙂



accesoires …♥ ♥ ♥

5 Apr


I know again and again I have NO time for bloggin cuz I´m really buuuuusy 🙂 lil busy bee….

I hope that spring arrived your city/village too! (Okay so today its raining but the last days very fab and the good weather is coming again on weekend so I`m very glad… 🙂 )

Soo ACCESOIRES  ! They are important for your outfit and it doesnt matters if sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces, nailpolish,bag or whatever becuase I just LOVE everything 🙂

the PERFECT brand is accessorizes! its to sweet♥ 🙂 Here are some of my fave things that I want to buy 😀 :


tea time earrings

tea time earrings,4,shop,jewelleryshop,jewelleryshopearrings

stickers american diner….,4,shop,lifestyleshop,lifestyleshopstationary,4,shop,lifestyleshop,lifestyleroyalwedding,4,shop,lifestyleshop,lifestyleroyalwedding



cute or what?







20 Mar


Sorry, for days without blogging ( again) but I`m very busy at school(I mean I really NEED those good marks.) But know I`ll make this entry, and maybe another one 2morrow(cuz I have new clothes and I want to show them to you, finally 😉 )

But as you see in the heading, this post wont be about fashion or so, its about Japan :  The earthquake in Japan, and the Tsunami and the nuclear power explosionin the last week.  But we can help! Lots of celebs donate money for Japan.And  Lady GaGa designed a bracelet , that you can buy for 5 dollars(you can donate more if you want) on her page and this money will go to japan!

If you arent from america, there is a shop for Uk,Australia,Germany,France and Japan,too!

Thats a good idea from Lady Gaga and maybe I`ll order one !

Greetings, Katy

TGIF………TGIS :-D :-D♥

12 Mar

hihi T.G.I.F – Thank god its friday……that was yesterday 😉 T.G.I.S – Thank god its saturday-I`m not sure if that exists 🙂

But check out Katy Perrys Last friday nigh♥t – T.G.I.F SUPERCOOL song – made for party nights on friday nights 🙂

Her album TEENAGE DREAM is wonderful,lots of beautiful songs 🙂    : here is a link with lyrics so you can hear what I mean . . .


Last week (Saturday) I was shopping with my friends and I bought some cool corck wedges ♥ They are really sweet ! ( I`m practicing walking in them when its warm , though today it was really warm about 17 degrees 🙂


I found a fragrance sample CHANEL MADEMOISELLE ♥ and I have to say I absolutelly LOVE it ! Got to buy it !


Here you can see it !







Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Picure from


Spring ballet flats♥ …

10 Mar

Hello♥ Spring is coming-its gettin warmer – the flowers start to bloom -you can wear finally your converse AND flats 🙂

What do you think ? COMMENT


shoes from TOPSHOP

from topshop , too

TOPSHOP , too 😀    arent those flowers cute?

or those killahs ? picture from

I love those vivienne westwoof angomania ulragirl  flats ! AWESOME – I want to buy em for the ball in may 😀 the picture is from .–pink-9515/



Arent they all beautiful? Tell me ,which do you like the most  ?



Just DO it !

8 Mar

Namaste !

Wasnt that the name of a nike campaign – just do it ? 😀 However , but this heading fits to my post very  good. Because I`m gonna do it.I`m gonna follow my dreams.One of my dreams (actually I have 2 big dreams – a hollywood career as an actress and a fashion career 😉 ) I`ll make my own fashion with a sewing machine 🙂 I always wanted to make my own fashion but now the moment is here.My school will have a ball (in may ) and I need a dress. I looked everywhere at the internet but its so……..ordinary! I  want something SPECIAL ( I only know which shoes I want – Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon of course 😉 ) I mean all those dresses are beautiful ( most of em 😉 ) but they look all the same. I want an extraordinary dress and I`m gonna make it ! 😀

For fashion obsessed girls there is a book (from the TEENVOGUE) and in there are lot of tips for a fashion career and so on. I`m gonna buy it , will you ?

Its called the Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insiders Guide to  Careers  in the Fashion Industry  . You can buy it on amazon.


you can buy this book on


I hope I can sew a dress 😀 But the ball is in 2 months….is that enough time?I hope so….:-) Okay I will start NOW to make some sketches I have  lots of ideas!!


See you soon on your fashion blog with the passion for FASHION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And dont forget to tell your friends to join in this little fashionworld!



Hello world ! ♥♥

7 Mar

Aloha guys and fashionistas all over the world 😀 ! We have holidays for almost a week and guess who`s sick ? Saturday I was shopping (and on that costume party as an cheerleader 🙂 ) and  I have to show yoou some (black)corck wedges which are absolutely cute from H&M 🙂 ♥ ( I twittered em on twitter 😉 )

Yesterday I was on a fleamarket and I found a sweet dress . It was polkadotted ( black dress with white dots ) and big white buttons . It looked like from the 50s or so . I really wanted to buy it but it wasnt my size.It was TO big 😦  But guess what I bought ?  OLD records  – SO retro ! 🙂 Now I need a record player….:-) 🙂 But they are so cool maybe I`m gonna show u a few of em 😉

I want to show you my kitty♥

Kit Cat ;-)

Kit Cat 😉

Tee-hee dont you think she`s sweet? 🙂

Greetings from Katy xoxo

4 Mar



I AM SO LAZY – didnt blog for zillions of years…..:-D





Ballet+Jazz Dance is cool♥


2morrow I`ll go to a costume party and I`m a cheerleader,pictures are coming


Check out Material Girls new campaign with Kelly Osbourne…..sweet, I love the spring collection 😉


— – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – –  – –  – – – – – –  – – – –  – – –  – – –  – – – – –  – – – – – –  – – – – –  – – –    – –        — – — — —     – –


See ya soon , Fashion girls 🙂



Costume for party wanted ….

16 Feb

Hey Ho ,

this is UUR fashionblog – woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-hooooooooooo 😀


Yeah  are uu reading Lolas blog already ?  If not , do it ——>               By the way , theres a new post from Lola 🙂

And another cool blog is

AND I NEED a costume 4 a party .


My question IS —- CHEERLEADER or COWGIRL ???(or something completely different)

If I would go as a cheerleader I would buy :

Reminds me of  american football with this big number 🙂 its from H&M and you can buy it in town or on under DIVIDED ..

So this would be for my cheerleader-outfit. But in a shop in city I saw some coooooool boots , had maybe 7cm heels and they were on sale so REALLY cheap 😀 I saw them a few weeks ago with a friends and we were just kidding but I had to buy them,…whatever….:-D 😀

Okay SO what do uu thing ? VOTE ! 😀