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Let it snow …

22 Dec

Hey there!

It’s almost christmas, so I decided to make a christmas post ! 🙂

I hope that Santa will bring me a monsieur steve shirt, Vivienne Westwoods new fragrance “Cheeky Alice “, jewlry from Marc Jacobs fragrance “Daisy” . . . 🙂

B U T : In my friend’s magazine I saw cooooool sun glasses ! Hihi they called them as Santa’s sun glasses because they are red AND flocky *___*  absolutely adorable! I forgot from which designer they are can’t believe it! And google doesn’t help…I’ll buy the magazine 😉


So have you already bought all presents? I didn’t buy ANYTHING! 2morrow  I’ll do the Christmas shopping and I hope everyone will get a present…:-D Not sure yet ! 😀


Oh la la ! I smelled a sample of “Alien” from Thierry Mugler and its F A B ! Make sure to check it out , just as PRADA CANDY and Oh Lola! (Marc Jacobs)






I wish you a Merry Christmas may all your wishes come true! Don’t forget to comment and share my site !


Love, Katy


Good Morning :-)

20 Nov

Good Morning!:-) Whoa I T O T A L Y need 2 go shopping I haaaaaaaaaaaate the inside of my wardrobe -.- And I didn’t solve my dress problem 😦  Already heard that the collection from poor Marc (Jacobs) was stolen on its way from Paris to London? He should have kept a better eye on it !

I found such a cute SEE BY CHLOE bag (zip file bag-frozen) but it is so damn expensive 😦 Why?!

Do you know the brand “Maison Scotch” I LOVE it! It has so cute things, but also not soo cheap 🙂 I really look forward to go shopping again, because I need EVERYTHING! Have you got some coole pieces that I may like? Just comment and leave a link or so that would absolutely rock 🙂 Merci!

I don’t know if I already blogged about it, but the brand “Monsieur Steve” is SO SO SO freakin cool! I LOVE it SOOOOOOOOOOO! –> www.monsieursteve.com the shirts are FAB ! I really want to order one but I can’t decide which one 😀 Too cool !

That’s everything for now, keep tuned I started bloggin again 😉